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Hello my friends, watchers and passing by visitors.

First of all thanks to those participants who managed to complete
all three rounds. I know it has taken me longer than promised to give 
you the final result of this contest but my daytime-job took most of my energy the past weeks. Although no participants could be eliminated in this
contest only a few remained, completing the quests they where given.

So my compliments to:

:icongwendolyn1: :iconrui-abel: :iconslichoart: :iconhelenakiss: :iconlolita-artz: :iconlubov2001: :iconmoachuuuttt: :iconrenata-s-art: :iconaweldeng: :iconkarmarae: :iconsecretadmires: :iconshirokibo:

The winners of round 3

Knight 1 :icongwendolyn1:

It was really hard to pick the winner, because i liked all entries. They all had a surreal aspect in them. I picked this one
because with this work :icongwendolyn1: really made something differrent she usually makes.

Insomnia by Gwendolyn1 

Knight 2 :iconhelenakiss:

I picked this entry because i liked the idea of using different stocks of jessica in this work .

Alter Ego   The other I by HelenaKiss   

Wizard 1 and 2  :iconlubov2001: :iconrenata-s-art: 

The witching hour by Lubov2001   and   The hour of the witch by Renata-s-art

Novice  :iconaweldeng:

Training by aweldeng

special league  :iconshirokibo:

I skipped voting for this last round and picked this work, because :iconshirokibo: created a strong work with only a few
stocks. The focus in this work lies more on emotion than visual eyecandy the works of secretadmires and i made.

Luxuria by Shirokibo

Winners will receive their prize within two weeks.

The Tournament-award winners will be announced next week in a special journal !!

Thanks for your visit,


Hello my friends, watchers and passing by visitors,

First of all, thanks to all remaining participants of The tournament.
It's nice to see your creative entries for round 2

Entries knights 1: theme: The strange concept of time

Strange Concept Of Time by Gwendolyn1    In the end by Rui-Abel    the Strange concept of time by SlichoArt  

Entries knights 2: theme: Breach of reality

A Peach Offering by StarfireArizona   Unrealistic reality by LenaSunny   Breach Of Reality by Lolita-Artz 

Entries wizards 1: theme: A victorian horrorstory

The castle of horror by Lubov2001   Jack the Ripper by MoAChuuuttt   

Wizards 2: theme A American horrorstory

Journey to the underworld of nightmares. by Julianez    Monsters among us by Renata-s-art  American Horror Story by theheek

Novice : theme: Future Perfect

Postcard by aweldeng   Sustainable by KarmaRae

Special league:

For the Best entry in the special league we need your vote!!
You can vote by giving a comment below  (1  or 2 ) or  vote by note My version of this theme is non-competitive and can't be chosen!!

Thanks in advance for taking the time to vote.

Theme:  The past future


1. The Past Future by Secretadmires     2. Reminisce by Shirokibo  3. Still waiting for mister right by ED-Creations

It's a pity quite a lot of participants have abbandoned this contest . Don't know why they have chosen to quit this contest.
Maybe the themes where to hard or maybe not that interesting. Maybe they had not the time to make something for this contest?
Well not going to pursue the reasons, but the fact is that the prize for the best group will be cancelled. Instead the submitted works of the remaining
participants will receive experience points from me and the five with the most Xp during thew three rounds will receive the tournamentBonus. The best of the special
league will also receive this bonus. The Bonus will be 800 points. The prizes for the rounds will remain as they are.
Hope you understand this decision.

Winners Round 2

Knights 1

the Strange concept of time by SlichoArt

Knights 2

Unrealistic reality by LenaSunny

Wizards 1

The castle of horror by Lubov2001

Wizards 2
Journey to the underworld of nightmares. by Julianez


Sustainable by KarmaRae

Winners will receive their prize within two weeks from now.


Your gamemaster Ed
Hello my friends, watchers and passing by visitors.

This will only be a short journal and only interesting for participants of the tournament.

You can still submit your entry for round 2 untill end of this week. Winners of round 2 will be announced
on saterday or sunday. 
Your entry for the last round has to be due on the 12th of May 2017.

The Themes:

The knights will have to make a surrealistic work this time!!

Knights1: theme: Insomnia
Knights2: theme: Alter Ego

The wizards 1 and 2 will have the same theme this time. Theme: The hour of the Witch
Your work has to be in the form of a bookcover.

The theme of the novice: A Knight's tale. inspired by this movie
Looking for a realistic scenery in medival style

Special league:

Visualize one of the seven deadly sins in tonal-style (ton sur ton ,only using nuances of a color!)

Hello my friends, watchers and passing by visitors 

For those who managed to create a work for round 1 for The Tournament, thanks for your effort and time.
The Quality of the works submitted is really amazing and surprising. Really hard to pick the winning entries!!
Unfortunately some participants haven't submitted a work for this round. Did visit their gallery and looked for it,
but could not find it. Also no one did use their golden ticket. So i will look into how the tournament-award for the most
succesful group can be awarded.

For the Best entry in the special league we need your vote!!

Theme: make a work representing spring and use a child, a moon and a pond in it.


1                        2                      3
My Little World by Secretadmires       Spring Child by Shirokibo   SpringColors by ED-Creations

You can vote by giving a comment below  (1 ,2 ,or 3) or vote by note
Thanks in advance for taking the time to vote.

But for now, the winning entries for this round!!

(winners will receive their prize within two weeks from now)

A dream within a dream: Knight 1

 Between two worlds by Rui-Abel

Darkness against light: Knight 2

A Light In The Dark by Lolita-Artz

Landscape/scenery Lord of the Rings: 
Wizard 1

At the end of the world by MoAChuuuttt

 Landscape/scenery Alice in wonderland: Wizard 2

Wonderland Fashion Show by aaTmaHira

Dungeons & Dragons: Novice 

Revenge by aweldeng

All entries Round 1 Tournament

Knights 1

:icongwendolyn1: A Mermaids Dream - above the clouds by Gwendolyn1 
 :iconrui-abel:  Between two worlds by Rui-Abel
 :iconbenjaminhaley: Dream within a dream by BenjaminHaley  
 :iconslichoart:    Dreams Under The Sea by SlichoArt
 :iconanna-roberts:  Tsarevna's dream by Anna-Roberts

Knights 2

:iconstarfirearizona: Suffer the Children by StarfireArizona  
:iconhelenakiss:  light and darkness by HelenaKiss
:iconamethystmstock: The Dark Prince by amethystmstock
:iconmagicladycharm: No entry found
:iconlolita-artz: A Light In The Dark by Lolita-Artz


:iconlubov2001:  Elven valley by Lubov2001
:iconmoachuuuttt:  At the end of the world by MoAChuuuttt
:iconfairling: Paysage Seigneur des Anneaux by Fairling
:iconapelaths:  No entry found
:iconmichaelkrtikos: No entry found


:iconaatmahira:  Wonderland Fashion Show by aaTmaHira 
:iconjulianez:  Survive in wonderland by Julianez
:iconrenata-s-art: Falling to Wonderland by Renata-s-art
:icontheheek: Magical escapades by theheek
:iconevanscene: No entry found


:iconaweldeng: Revenge by aweldeng
:iconhlaurenf0216: No entrty found
:iconkarmarae: Roll Wisely by KarmaRae 
:iconsupersnappz16:  Dungeons And Dragons by supersnappz16
:iconnewbiephotoshop: No entry found

Themes Round 2

Knights 1: The strange concept of time
Knights 2 : Breach of reality

Wizards 1 : A victorian horrorstory
Wizards 2 : A American horrorstory

Novice: Future Perfect ( what would be a perfect future for mankind and our earth ?)

Special league: The past future (theme given by :iconsecretadmires: )  Meaning of this theme is that you had dreamt of certain future which remains unfulfilled, life went on and the future turned into a past!

Note me if you want more info or suggestions about your theme.

Your entry has to be due on april the tenth 2017

Good luck,

Your gamemaster Ed

Hello friends, watchers and passing by visitors.

This will be the first issue of the Critiquehour where i will be looking at 
the work of photomanipulationArtists.

Because this is the first issue, i will critique one of my own works. It's a 
fantasy landscape/mattepainting i made in juli of last year. At the time when i
was working on it, i was content with the endresult, but looking at it, a good
half year later, i discovered some things that really bothered me and so i did 
some repair and additions to it.

The work as it was juli 2016:

BluewizardsCastle by ED-Creations

Often it's a good thing to leave a finished or almost finished work for a while. When you work quite long and intensive at a work, your eyes and mind become
a bit numb and you don't see the things that are wrong or look odd. A good tip is to flip the canvas horizontally or even virtically to spot strange things in composition.
Did a good look at my work and discovered 9 points which could be improved:

BluewizardsCastle points to change by ED-Creations

1  Well it's called blue wizards Castle, so there has to be somesort of character in it that represents the wizard. I did choose a stock of a robbed monk, who is walking on a
stone bridge. When you compare the size of the wizard in relation to the castle, the wizard is a bit to large. He should be a good bit smaller to fit well inside the castle.

2  I put in some wildlife in this picture to give it some more life. Chosen for birds and deer.
    I used some dodge/burntechnique to give some highlights and shadows to the birds to give them a bit more depth and to make them stand out more. You can hardly spot it and it 
   could easily be mistaken as mist, but there is to much dodgingerror around the birds beak. Can be fixed easily to go the dodging/burning layer and erase the error or as i did paint some
   blue around the beak, sampling the blue mist.

3 The castle is built on a rock so i painted somesort of stone pathway to that somehow floats in the air. Quite unrealistic because it would collapse without proper support. In the ends version
   i painted two strange rocks that give support to this pathway. Was also a nice excersice in painting rocks and i could sample more accurate and convincing colors, so it looks quite acceptable.

4 Beneath the castle there is a meadow where 3 deer a looking for nice fresh gras. Well a thing i often see in manipulation, used the same deer 3 times flipped one horizontally and reduced the size
  a bit. Looks quite good and convincing, but all the deer have the same pose. Not that bad, but it's repetition-error which can be avoided, but taken some more time to cut-out a few more deer in different poses
  or use the puppetwarp-tool so you can change the pose a bit.

5 Oh yeah in juli i was just a bit experimenting with painting mountains and rock-structures, but didn't have a good brush to make them, so i made some highlighted line in the fog to simulate a rock-structure.
  Not that bad but in the final version i painted it better.

6 Another attempt of making rocks, mixing with stock, if i remember correctly. To be honest , they don't add to the overal mood and could better be erased. Did some erasing but left most of it, but it's still
   something that was a waste of time.

7 You may wonder what  that strange looking branches on the left and right are doing and what is their function!  Well i tried to give some direction for your eyes, beginning at the left along the a bit to blurred
   branch towards the wizard and  castle, and then going to the right to the blurred branch on the right ending at the orchids.
8  Although i liked the overal colors of this work, i decided to experiment with some adjustmentlayers in photoshop. I used a colormixer and a brightness/contrast-adjsutmentlayer to give the fog a more blue and so removed
   the overal yellow/greenish look. looks better for my liking, but i realize that your taste could be different, well what do you like better old or new!?

9 Last point i discovered that could need some attention was that some lines along the strange rocklike formations looked blurry due to using a to soft brush. So i repaired it a bit using the lassotool and paint a sampled color
within the selection to get some sharper edges.

Sure there a certainly more points to find that could be changed, but the critquehour is not about pixelhunting and telling you about all the things you could change or are wrong, but to motivate you to become better in photoshop
and to improve in skill.

Final version:

I did not change all the points mentioned, but here the  final version:

BluewizardsCastle FinalVersion by ED-Creations

If you are interested in a critique about a work already submitted or maybe a work in progress, well give me a note or comment and i will contact you for a upcoming issue.
I am also planning to give some more tips, how to adjust things so they blend better or how ways how to adjust shadow/ light etc.

Thanks for your time,



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